Let’s build awesome website together.

Conversion-focused bespoke website design that speaks about your personality
and boost your brand so you can have bigger impact and results.

Things I can help you with

Web Design & Dev

Web Design combines aesthetics and functionality into one beautiful package. My objective is to make your website look amazing on all devices and capture your audience attention, all while keeping it easy to use and navigate. 

E-commerce Site

Are you considering launching an e-commerce store? Now might be the right time. E-commerce continues to bloom as more and more consumers shift their spending to digital channels. Increase profits, as you can reach a larger audience.

Landing Page Creation

As a former employee of Google (well, a BPO company hired to do Google Ads) I understand creating results-driven landing pages.  Minimize bounce rate with landing pages that can increase lead quality and boost revenue.

Branding Solutions

From creating a logo to developing branded marketing materials, I’ll handle every aspect of your branding process. We’ll work closely together throughout the process to make sure that your brand accurately reflects your vision.

With a powerful website
you can capture your audience's attention.

It’s impossible to move your business forward if your website is the one thing holding you back.

Did you just wore a flip flop for a business meeting?

What did you wear the last time you met face to face with a potential investor? Did you wear dress clothes, business casual or shorts and flip flops? I will venture to say you made a great first impression and wore proper attire.

Your website and online presence is a reflection of your online appearance and it’s critical to make a great first impression as well. Often times, when a firm doesn’t have a competent marketing department, their website and online presence gets pushed to the back burner. It’s easy to let this slide since your expertise and focus is on other tasks. But, you need to keep in mind, when your website is outdated and your pages aren’t formatted correctly, it’s like wearing shorts and flip flops to a meeting.

Hey you better dress up to make an impression!

A distinct brand personality sets you apart from the competition, not just locally, but also on a global scale. It answers the question, “what makes your brand different?”. Here are few advantages of a strongly made website:

Promotes brand recognition and a brand identity that goes beyond the product or services you’re offering.

Supports internal marketing efforts, making employees feel more pride about the work they do and the company they’re working for.

Helps build customer retention and loyalty. A unique website experience nurtures loyalty and trust.

Drives consistency, which in turn promotes familiarity and trust among your target customers.

This is how I work.

Learn about my working process to know what to expect when choosing me

Initial Meeting

We start the job by understanding your website needs. We discuss about the functions, the design and personality you would like your website to have.

I’ll be asking for some materials as well (images, content, logo, etc). Once given, I’ll be starting with my research and design.

Design Stage

Once the first draft of design is done, I will be presenting the home page to hear your thoughts. Revisions and adjustments will be done after until we reach our objective.

Once approved, the same direction will be implemented to all other pages and proceed with the development.

Development Stage

During this stage, I will be constantly be in touch to update you with the progess. I might be needing few materials and access from you depending on the functions we need.

Once done, we will be reviewing all pages together for final corrections and edits.



Suzy Belcher

Transformational Life Coach

Suzy Belcher Lifestyle Discovery

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