We’ve collaborated with enterprise brands, Small-to-Medium (SME) companies, and high-growth start-ups in driving their search rankings up and developing their audience-first type of content on robust SEO-friendly websites.

We are an experienced SEO Company that can guide you in understanding SEO to get the results you need on Search. Whether you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), drive targeted traffic to your website, acquire quality leads, build your brand trust and credibility, or get your most-coveted conversion—name it, we can do it.

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we can put you on the right page where people can choose your business right in the SERPs. We assess your business and your resources on what type of SEO service is the best fit for you.

Managed SEO Service

Our managed SEO service takes care of your entire SEO requirement from top to bottom. We provide a team composed of an SEO project manager, content strategist, copywriter, content writers, link builders, and SEO specialists in the Philippines, with additional help from our web development engineers to implement the recommended SEO audit and changes, if needed, be.

We are a 100% white hat SEO agency that lets you sleep soundly at night without worrying about Google penalties at all. Your search presence goes up when your content matches searchers’ intent, when your infrastructure improves user experience, and when your website becomes an authority in your industry. Think about authority, intent, relevance, and better user experience as our levers of action.

The cost of our full-scale SEO program is customized based on the size, current search status, architecture, and structure of your website with full consideration of your business goals.

SEO Consultancy

If you want to maximize your results using your in-house marketing team, hire us as your SEO consulting agency to provide you that extra layer of expertise and guidance. We can add value to your existing set-up in terms of search channels. We offer our affordable SEO consulting services on a per-hour basis.

Our SEO consulting service provides you and your team any SEO advice you need. After we see what’s going on under the hood, our expert SEO consultants will provide recommendations, actionable items for improving your search engine presence and guide you throughout the entire SEO process to make sure that you are on the right track.

We open our kimono and share everything we know to get you the results you need. In turn, you gain practical and reasonable SEO best practices that you and your team can implement yourselves.

Technical SEO Audit

Before we whip out our technical SEO audit checklist, the first order of the day is to step back and ask the right questions. We frame the problem thoughtfully before we jump into it.
We look at the issue from different angles to attack the right problem using diverse methods. We validate, based on data, our clinical SEO hypotheses, and findings that are holding back your website.

If you’ve heard about what a website SEO audit is, you might think it is just a simple bucket list. It is not.

A proper SEO audit doesn’t just delve into every page, every link, or every content that comprises your website. It is more than just compliance with coding structure, code-content ratio, or the efficient use of technology.

Our technical SEO audit service dives into an in-depth analysis of your website from a legitimate technical SEO perspective.

First, we begin by mapping out the fundamental make-up of your website and cross-check it against your technical capabilities in implementing the technical SEO recommendations we provide.

Second, we identify high vs. low impact technical SEO roadblocks and customize a solution for you that balances tech doability, time, and impact on your business goals. Expect a long list of step-by-step actionable items as we work closely with you from start to finish.

Third, mobile presence is no longer an afterthought in today’s SEO approach. The fact is Google’s move on mobile-first indexing is here to stay. Mobile organic traffic has toppled desktop traffic down. It is something we need to deal with head-on. Things have already changed. The mobile search landscape is the new battleground. More so, even voice search is getting tremendous traction nowadays. Suffice it to say, our technical SEO service automatically bakes your website’s mobile compatibility.

Also, gone are the days when technical SEO could only handle mostly HTML pages. Nowadays, JavaScript-enabled websites are becoming more of a need than just a trend among website owners and start-ups because of their instantaneous feedback-loop or user interactions delivering unparalleled user experience. But it always comes with a price of not being crawled or rendered correctly, resulting in lower SERP rankings and search impressions. Our trained technical SEO specialists and in-house developers deliver to such a level of technical SEO sophistication (if you may call it) any ordinary SEO won’t touch.

International SEO

Our international SEO service approach for global presence takes into account global SEO best practices; it’s in a league of its own.

Our strategy for multilingual and multi-country SEO presence takes into account multiple targeting of search behavior patterns on languages and country-specific locations. The implementation of ccTLDs, hreflang tags, and stable site structure via subdirectory or subdomain to accommodate website expansion are only for starters. Optimizing a website for relevant keywords in multiple languages and countries requires an in-depth understanding of linguistics and in-country search behavior.

Time and again, we’ve tested content localization, and its promotion in corresponding local communities unlock a whole different level of success in doing international SEO.