SPEX Production has been in the industry as a digital marketing agency since 2011. With years of experience, it ensures to promote high quality digital marketing solutions and online marketing services to different industries not only in the Philippines, but also internationally.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, SPEX Production provides a holistic approach for any brand’s digital marketing campaign from web solutions and social media services to online advertising and online pr media.


SPEX Production provides a combined solution of strategy and technology in digital marketing and business development. We help business excel in the digital world, maximize their on ground and online presence, and grow their business strategy.


To be an innovative leader in providing digital marketing solutions and online marketing services to businesses in the Philippines and internationally.


  1. To be the preffered digital marketing consultant and solutions providerof companies internationally
  2. To provide premium solutions in digital marketing including web and mobile development and be of service the local and international businesses.
  3. To be the pioneer in the development and management of poirtals and applications valuable to both businesses and consumers